An Expat Halloween Bonanza!

Since Laura and I are getting evicted, we decided to destroy our apartment with a Halloween rager before we moved out since we probably won't get our deposit back anyways.

(just kidding)

But we really did have a crazy Halloween fiesta. We were afraid to leave our apartment the next day for fear that our whole gated community was going to form a lynch mob and make an example of us. After about 5 hours of cleaning, things are back to normal around here.

Let me just says, expats are crazy people that go all out. Looking through all of the photos from that night, as a single girl I can't help notice it's all couples! Is the expat community EVERYWHERE all couples?! Just wonderin'. Here's a taste of some of the best costumes.

Chester Cheetah and Tony the Tiger (moi!)

Slutty Grandpa (he stripped down to a diaper later in the night)

Everyone showed up with food!

Daryl Hannah's character from the movie Splash

Binders full of women!

Awesome pirates

Frida Kahlo- runner up of the costume contest

Me with an Olympic swimming team

Warrior wood nymph

Where The Wild Things Are!

Sailor and a mermaid

Good guy vs. bad guy

Funny giraffe

Black/White Swan and Betty Boop

Don't Mess With the Zohan, Mohammed, 
and Mail Order Bride


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