Exploring on a Sunday

I love weekends in Quito. This city has so much going on under the surface. If you are visiting as a tourist, I don't feel like you really get to experience everything Quito has to offer. You really have to live here and have time to wander and explore and venture to where ever calls you to get a sense of it.

Wandering down a random stairwell into the city

My dad asked me to take a photo at a KFC 
to prove not everything in Ecuador is beautiful

Cool art in the city

I love stumbling across the random farmer's markets that pop up all over the city, or big artisan markets of jewelry and art. Last weekend it was a beautiful day out, so Laura and I decided to wander around the Mariscal neighborhood until we found a good brunch place. On a sunny Sunday, Mariscal is such a cute neighborhood, despite most things being closed. Ecuador is a dry country on Sundays so a lot of restaurants don't bother opening as employees spend the day with family.

My favorite bookstore in Quito, but this is so typical- 
open sign on a business that is obviously closed

Laura and I went to 4 different restaurants that were closed before we stumbled across El Cafecito. What a gem! We had heard before that it has some of the best coffee in Quito, and it did not disappoint. El Cafecito is a hostel/cafe with a garden patio and cozy interior. The Canadian owner, Tony, came out and talked to us and was super friendly and cool. Some of our friends met us and we enjoyed a lovely brunch. With four brunches, unlimited coffees, and some extra sides of hash browns, our total bill came to $28. Gotta love Ecuador.

The front of El Cafecito

What a lovely place to have brunch with friends!

Events calendar inside- lots of cool stuff happening
at El Cafecito

Our final bill for two hours worth of hanging out and feasting!


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