Thankful in Quito

Things are going well here in Ecuador, and this Thanksigiving I have a lot to be thankful for (even if I had to work today, booooo).

1. My roommate Laura, who has made my experience in Quito a million times better than it would have been on my own.

Laura and a friend last weekend hanging out in Quito

2. An amazing job at an international school in Quito. I have heard horror stories about other international schools here in Ecuador and around the world, and I gotta say, I have it pretty lucky here. My school is supportive and positive and a generally stress free place to work. Plus, I love teaching! My students rock!

3. My ability to travel. Thank goodness I have the means to explore the world. This year I went to Israel and Colombia. Next year I am going to London and Amsterdam, and who knows where else. Also, I am going to the cloud forest tomorrow!

4. A supportive family. I had this discussion last week with some friends. My family is nothing but supportive of my crazy life choices. I don’t know what I would do in some close-minded, women-hating, bible-thumping, homophobic, family.

5. Myself. Seriously. I am thankful for my confidence, my sense of style, my smarts, my nerdiness, my maturity, my independence, and oh yeah, did I mention my confidence? In all seriousness, as a single girl, you have to appreciate yourself! I’m totally cool with treating myself out for a glass of wine with nothing but a Harry Potter book to keep me company.

I'm reading Harry Potter in Spanish as we speak!


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