When Did I Grow Up?

I still have the ‘when I grow up’ mindset. The truth is that a career with a stable salary, dinner parties, a real grown up apartment, all of those things that I envisioned as adulthood, are here. Even though I have a Master’s Degree and a steady job, it’s hard sometimes not to feel like I’m faking it.

People my age have husbands and babies and mortgages and car payments, and I feel like I’m a fraud in my life sometimes. Who am I to pretend to be a serious person with real responsibilities? I’m realizing more and more that I didn’t snap into adulthood, it was a slow process of different jobs held, countries explored, degrees earned, and financial responsibilities.

So this teaching thing, it’s not something I’m doing for money or doing to build up my resume for future jobs, it’s my career. I am a professional. A trained, certified, respected (hopefully) history teacher.

 I create lesson plans and tests and print materials and grade essays and discipline children and contact parents and fill out administrative paperwork.  All of these point to: real teacher.

Maybe I should throw myself a party called the ‘Congrats, at Some Point McKenzie Became an Adult Party!’ Or I at least deserve a cookie for growing up, since I never noticed when it happened and adulthood is here. Yay.


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