Dance Rehearsal in Quito

Next weekend I have a big dance showcase coming up here in Quito. I'm a member of a traditional Middle Eastern bellydance studio (Egyptian style, specifically). This is my 6th year bellydancing, 16th year dancing in general. I will be performing a traditional Saidi cane dance. This was originally danced by men in Upper Egypt with sticks, but women can dance it with canes and tunics. It's a fun, bouncy dance, that is still very grounded in the floor. If you're interested, here is an example of a Saidi dance:

Noemi and I with our canes 

There are tons of different rhythms and styles of bellydance, so the rehearsal was super fun because I got to see all different choreographies from various groups at my studio. The little girls were the cutest. They danced with silk fans and tambourines.

Tambourine girls

The youngest group

Silk fans are SO PRETTY

Girls with silk fans 

I think everyone is always mesmerized by a bellydancer with a sword, right? That seems to fulfill the traditional image of an Oriental dancer: mystique, danger, strength. Especially if they are blindfolded:

Dancing with swords

Dancing with swords 

Some of my other favorites included a peasant dance with huge skirts. The girls hooted and hollered the whole time they were dancing and looked like they were having a blast! Also, some other dances included a traditional drum solo and a wing dance. Yes, wings.

Big skirt dance

Mid jump!

Peek a boo- running through each others skirts

Pretty costumes all around!

Wing dance

Wing dance

Wing dance

Wing dance 

We are all pumped and ready to perform these numbers next Saturday at Casa de la Cultura in El Ejido Park. If you are a reader of the blog and maybe interested in attending, here is the facebook event:

Fueling up for rehearsal with takeout Chinese food 

Dami, our dance teacher, giving some words of advice

Promotional photo shoot at the end of the rehearsal


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