El Ejido Park on a Sunday

My mom, her boyfriend Doug, and my little brother Nick are here visiting me in Quito. Little brother is a relative term, because my brother is now a giant at 6'3'', but I will always remember him as little Nicky who I could pin down and put makeup on. I'm sure there are no residual emotional issues there.

Sundays in El Ejido park are always super cool, and yesterday was a particularly beautiful day, so that's where we went! The park was packed with families and vendors and crafts and swingsets and kids on bikes. Also, the Ciclopaseo bike path cuts through the park on a Sunday so we had to avoid the sidewalks or risk getting run over.

Me and my bro at the entrance to El Ejido

Doug and Mom with fresh fruit in the park

Nick, with his Ecuadorian pride and street meat

These can be rented in the park for little kids

My mom and brother took advantage of every swing and seesaw in the park which was pretty funny. At one point, a little Ecuadorian girl came over to show my brother how to properly flip upside down on a swing, then giggled and ran away.

Mom swinging in El Ejido

My brother is a show-off

Seesaw in El Ejido!

My mom having a fun time in the park

A little kid running in circles in the park

We did a little shopping in the artisan market in the park. On Sundays, a huge art market sets up shop around the perimeter of El Ejido. Lots of Guayasamin knockoffs and other funky Andean art. My mom and I got some jewelry.

Art market in El Ejido Park on Sundays

Some of the local Andean art

Looking at the crafts in El Ejido Park

Showing off my new turquoise bracelet

Right next to El Ejido Park is La Casa de la Cultura, a huge theater/museum/art venue. Lots of dance performances, orchestras and symphonies, and theater groups perform here. Here is a link to the website if you are ever interested in seeing a show or exhibit while visiting Quito:

Overhead view of Casa de la Cultura in El Ejido Park

Map of El Ejido Park and Casa de la Cultura Park

On the walk home, there were some interesting sights to see. The church bells were ringing, and my brother found amusement in some mundane signs that I wouldn't even give a second thought to.

Cool cathedral in Mariscal

Inside of an old gothic cathedral

Gothic cathedral in Mariscal

Hot dog stand in Mariscal

To get to El Ejido, you can take either the Trole or the Ecovia. Both are cheap trolley lines in Quito, you can run the entire line for 25 cents, and they both drop you off directly at the park. Be prepared to get cozy with the locals!


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