UBECI is a small NGO in Quito that I have worked with since 2010. This past month, I have been working on a project that involves both UBECI and the school where I work at. UBECI needed 400 little bags of candy to pass out to children as Christmas gifts, and the National Honor Society at my school needed a service project to work on. A match made in heaven! We successfully collected the 400 bags of candy, as well as 200 toothbrushes and toothpastes to pass out in the markets.

What does UBECI do? Basically, since many children around the city grow up working in markets instead of going to school, we bring school to them. UBECI sets up educational booths in many of the markets around town, and provides educational support. Here is a great video summarizing the volunteer experience:

UBECI Volunteers from Joseph Lin on Vimeo.

I will be going to the markets next weekend to help distribute the Christmas gifts and take photos of the merry occasion. I will post more photos then!

Teachers and students from my school 
with the staff of UBECI


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