Where Have I Been?

I've been moving! My mom and brother have been here visiting, I performed in a dance showcase, traveled to Mindo, celebrated Fiestas de Quito, maintained my social life, and for some reason, blogging did not seem like a priority these last few weeks. As soon as life settles down again, I'll get back to reporting on life in Quito, but until then, here's some photos to hold you over:

I ate a plate of hornado to celebrate Fiestas de Quito

I ate another plate of hornado to celebrate Fiestas de Quito

I listened to live music in the park

I got all dressed up and performed in a bellydance showcase

Funny directions my dance teacher posted backstage: 
you are princesses not ogres!!

I hung around backstage at the Casa de la Cultura

I shared a dressing room with 15 other dancers

I moved my whole house in one trip thanks 
to some awesome friends who helped out

I gained a great new view of the city from my new apartment!


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