Dog-Eat-Dog World in Ecuador

Dogs are at risk in Ecuador. Many Ecuadorians have no qualms about lacing a dog bone with arsenic and leaving it near a neighbor's fence if a dog is yapping too much. I saw this phenomenon in Guatemala as well. I have seen dogs locked on windowsills or rooftops for an entire day.

 I wonder what's going to happen to these 
dogs I spotted on my way home from work

My roommate just adopted a cute german shepherd puppy and we are already wary. She was riding in a taxi from the vet's office the other day and someone popped their head into the window of the cab to ask what type of dog it was. Our friend who was riding with her warned my roommate to say a smaller breed because there is a chance they would follow the cab to kidnap the dog and sell it to someone looking for a guard dog. Yikes!

Our new puppy, Sadie, playing at the park


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