Family Time in Baños

I went with my mom, her boyfriend Doug, and my brother to Baños recently and had a lovely, relaxing couple of days. Except for the part where my brother and I went waterfall rappelling, that is. But we did take lots of naps and strolls through town. I think Baños is a great little town with something for everyone: spas, biking, atvs, canyoning, jungle tours, great restaurants, bridge jumping, nightlife, microbrewery, hiking, etc.

Walking around one of Baños' city squares

Dinner out, my brother and I

My mom and Doug

Bars sometimes come with unexpected guests in Ecuador

I had not one, but two cats, sit on me at a bar in Baños

For Christmas, I bought my mom and Doug a day at the spa above Baños. They spent the whole day soaking in hot springs, eating gourmet food, and getting massages. My brother and I decided to spend that afternoon jumping off waterfalls and signed up for a 4 hour canyoning tour ($25 a person). I don't remember the name of the tour company, but they are just off the main square with a huge rock climbing contraption outside of their building. Definitely the most legitimate tour company in Baños.

Brushing up on some technique before we took off for the mountain

Practicing rappelling on a wall in Baños

Cool hike on the way up to the river in the cloud forest

Checking out the first waterfall we would go over

We got lucky with our group. Some funny Austrian guys, French girls, a cool German chick who was dating a local, and some Ecuadorian-Americans. This waterfall rappelling tour was pretty advanced and technical, and there were parts where we actually had to zipline across canyons, or slide down natural waterfalls to get to the next piece of our journey.

Look how high up we were!!

Lil bro ziplining to the next waterfall

My brother taking a break to pose

Me and one of the Austrian guys heading down a smaller fall-
I slipped and fell on this one!

This tour made me mad that companies like the waterfall rappelling group in Mindo are allowed to exist. I had fun a few weeks ago there canyoning with some girlfriends, but it was so obviously illegitimate and unlicensed that it is just sad. This company in Baños went out of their way to put safety first, and made sure you were ok throughout the whole process.

Sliding down a natural waterslide

Posing at the bottom of the canyon

My brother sliding down a natural waterslide

Posing at the bottom of the canyon

Our whole group on the tour

It's funny how much of a lazy city person I can be, and how much I dislike plain old hiking, but when I get the opportunity to throw myself over a waterfall or jump off a cliff or do something else seemingly foolish, I jump at the chance. I love adventure sports for the adrenaline rush and sense of excitement and feeling alive.


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