King Leonidas Takes Quito By Storm

On New Years Eve here in Quito, you take a doll/mannequin thing that is stuffed with newspaper, light it on fire, and jump over it (hopefully sober enough not to fall into the flames). These come in all different sizes and you can either buy one or make one. They are called 'año viejos' because they represent someone/thing you want to forgive or move on from in the upcoming year. I grew very attached to my año viejo and named him King Leonidas. Here is a picture post giving you a short summary of his New Years Eve.

This is the station in the middle of the street where I bought King Leonidas

King Leonidas hanging out in my dining room

King Leonidas riding in a taxi cab

King Leonidas drinking wine at a friend's house

Me and King Leo

King Leonidas chilling with his friend, The Hulk

King Leonidas getting stabbed with sparklers

King Leonidas lined up with his buddies

King Leonidas getting dog piled by other año viejos

Jumping over King Leonidas

King Leonidas getting jumped over

King Leonidas' fire being observed

Poor King Leonidas 

King Leonidas made a good fire

Fireworks being thrown on King Leonidas 

The remnants of King Leonidas

The remnants of King Leonidas

The remnants of King Leonidas


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