A New Job in Hong Kong

Yep, you read it correctly. I have accepted a two year teaching job at a really great international school in Hong Kong! This was a big decision and I had some other options, but ultimately I knew Hong Kong was the right choice for me. I will be moving there on August 1.

I am excited for:
  • Public Transportation- Taking the subway everywhere will be really nice.
  • Food- Hong Kong has it all! My roommate used to live in Beijing and described Hong Kong as the NYC of the East. This means I will have access to some amazing food from all over Asia.
  • Travel in Asia- Super cheap flights to Bali, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, etc.
  • Safe City- I can't wait to get my independence back and feel safe exploring a city on my own. I will be a lot more comfortable moving around the city of Hong Kong.
  • Tropical Weather- I thrive in sticky humidity. Can't wait to take my sundresses and sandals out of those boxes in my dad's garage.
  • Adventure!- I have not yet been to Asia, so this is starting a whole new chapter in my life. Hong Kong seems so foreign and exotic, which excites me.
  • $moo-lah$- My new school has a strong package and I'm going to be way better off financially.
  • Big Expat Community- I love my community here in Quito but it is a small crowd, and I think there will be a lot more happening in Hong Kong.

I am nervous about:
  • Language- I have to start learning Cantonese and the traditional Chinese symbols, right when I am finally feeling comfortable in my Spanish.
  • Distance From Family- Hong Kong is really really far from Florida. As an expat, I always worry that something will happen and my family will need me and I won't be accessible.
  • Spending My 20s Outside the US- I know this seems weird, but the idea of spending most of my 20s outside of the US kind of freaks me out. It's such a developmentally important coming of age time in a young American's life, and I won't be participating in many of the normal 20-something experiences of my friends back home.
  • Starting Over at a New School- I am super comfortable at my new school and the idea of having to create new lessons and find where to make copies and figuring out new grading systems is a little scary.
  • An Overwhelmingly Large City- At 7 million people, will I be able to find my place in Hong Kong and feel a sense of community?


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