Correa Wins the Presidency

Ecuador can look forward to another four years with Rafael Correa as President. He won the election this weekend with 57% of the votes. Interestingly enough, he dedicated his victory to Hugo Chavez. I went with a friend to check out the street party the night Correa won and it was pretty typical. Live bands, street food, flags and noise makers.

Street party celebrating Correa's victory

What does this mean for Ecuador? More exploitation of oil, heavier crack downs on the media, public spending on roads, hospitals, and schools (populist policies that win over the lower classes), relative economic stability, developing diplomatic relations with China, social welfare programs, and probable increases in petty theft and burglaries (only because he didn't address these problems in the last term).

Like I said in a previous post, people either love or hate this president. I think he is emerging as an ideological leader of Latin America largely because someone has to fill the shoes of Castro and Chavez. Could Correa be that person?


  1. After living in Quito for a month and now I've been in Venezuela for the past seven months I hope for Ecuador's sake your president isn't anything like Chavez. Venezuela is really falling apart fast, It's visibly noticeable in only 7 months of living here... And I loved Quito!!

    1. In some ways Correa is changing Ecuador for the better, but he is a really strong character who is difficult to wrap your head around. Looks like you are having a blast in Venezuela!


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