Picture Post: Eurotrip, January 2013

I spent the last two weeks in the UK and Netherlands visiting friends, but mostly applying for jobs at an international teaching recruitment fair. I signed a two year contract at a school in an AMAZING new location, but I am gonna wait until a later post to spill the beans. Instead, enjoy some photos from my short little Eurotrip:

With Hannah in front of Parliament in London

Walking across the River Thames in London

Visited Marpessa in Utrecht, Netherlands

Spent a day bike riding around Utrecht

Marpessa biking around the cute streets of Utrecht

Typical Utrecht view- cobblestone, canals, bicycles

Cool view of the canal in Utrecht

Marp and I going thrifting in some vintage stores

Thrifting in a vintage store in Utrecht

Snowy view on a train ride from Amsterdam to Utrecht

We spent a day in Amsterdam exploring the Stedelijk Museum

Cool art at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam


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