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St. Patrick's Day: Expat Style

Picture Post: For the St. Patrick's Day party Laura and I had this year, I had a blast making spring related photo booth props. These turned out to be the only photos from the night. It was an awesome turnout with good friends, and unlike Halloween, wasn't too overwhelmingly crazy.

Laundry During Rainy Season

The wet season runs from October to May in Quito, and we have been pretty lucky this year. It seems like rainy season only kicked in within the last month. I love thunderstorms, (aka Harry Potter movie marathon weather), but rainy season has been a bitch in my new apartment for one very specific reason.

Snapped this ominous photo coming out of the  grocery store a few days ago
This is the first apartment I have had here that doesn't have a dryer because we are living in a normal Ecuadorian house. In normal Ecuadorian houses, you hang your clothes on a line to dry.

The gross little alley next to my house where we hang our clothes
This is an issue for us considering it is raining every afternoon, right as I am about to get home from school and take the dry clothes down. Normally clothes only need a few hours on the line because the sun is so strong, but recently it's been taking days, or the clothes haven't been drying at all. There is a constant drizzle, and consistent thunder…

An Independent Girl's Take on Living in Ecuador

Living in Ecuador as a young, adventurous, fiercely independent, single girl has been... interesting. This culture provides many challenges for people in my situation, and has not always been ideal.

Aw, who am I kidding, it's a feminist's nightmare here! No need to sugar-coat it. In the last two years I have been totally stripped of my independence, my trust in men, my trust in society, and the comforts of women's healthcare that I've grown so accustomed to in the United States.

I feel as though I have to be honest to myself and to the readers of this blog, even at the risk of sounding whiny or negative. I am a piece of meat here in Ecuador, a vulnerable target, an object to fulfill the whim of obnoxious men who want to holler or grab at me in the street. This is due to a combination of cultural factors, safety issues, and expat-locals dynamics.

There are exceptions to this of course. I have Ecuadorian guy friends who are great, who wouldn't necessarily have a lady…

Ghetto-Rigging Our Apartment: Part 2

Well, our apartment has been nothing but a pile of trouble for the last month. Stupid stuff left and right that our landlord just can't seem to fix. Here are a couple examples.

This rubber band is what is keeping our kitchen window open- and keeping us from suffocating while cooking
The worst is what's happening in our living room. Four times this month, water has been actively pouring from the ceiling and seeping into the floor. It ruined the couches we rented and our landlord doesn't seem to be taking it seriously. After it happened twice, they came and removed one of the ceiling tiles and poked around and left our living room looked like a refugee camp. 
Finally last night, we told them we are not paying rent for the month of March until this gets taken care of because it has gotten so bad that the living room floor is destroyed and I have walking pneumonia from the water damage. The landlord freaked out and said we were being evicted, to which I replied 'I know we ha…

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! I am using this as an opportunity to have some interesting conversations with my students. Some of my 8th grade girls pointed out that women in Latin America have a harder time breaking into the workforce because the machismo (sexism, chauvinism) is much worse here in Ecuador than in the U.S. or Europe. Great point, chicas! We are watching this video as a group: