Ghetto-Rigging Our Apartment: Part 2

Well, our apartment has been nothing but a pile of trouble for the last month. Stupid stuff left and right that our landlord just can't seem to fix. Here are a couple examples.

This rubber band is what is keeping our kitchen window open-
and keeping us from suffocating while cooking

The worst is what's happening in our living room. Four times this month, water has been actively pouring from the ceiling and seeping into the floor. It ruined the couches we rented and our landlord doesn't seem to be taking it seriously. After it happened twice, they came and removed one of the ceiling tiles and poked around and left our living room looked like a refugee camp. 

Finally last night, we told them we are not paying rent for the month of March until this gets taken care of because it has gotten so bad that the living room floor is destroyed and I have walking pneumonia from the water damage. The landlord freaked out and said we were being evicted, to which I replied 'I know we have rights as renters. This house is dangerous. We are getting a lawyer.' The landlords called back 5 minutes later and said they had a great plumber who would be stopping by to fix this once and for all.


This ladder has been perched there for a month for easy access to the hole in the ceiling-
because our landlord's shower is dripping directly into our living room


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