Laundry During Rainy Season

The wet season runs from October to May in Quito, and we have been pretty lucky this year. It seems like rainy season only kicked in within the last month. I love thunderstorms, (aka Harry Potter movie marathon weather), but rainy season has been a bitch in my new apartment for one very specific reason.

Snapped this ominous photo coming out of the 
grocery store a few days ago

This is the first apartment I have had here that doesn't have a dryer because we are living in a normal Ecuadorian house. In normal Ecuadorian houses, you hang your clothes on a line to dry.

The gross little alley next to my house where we hang our clothes

This is an issue for us considering it is raining every afternoon, right as I am about to get home from school and take the dry clothes down. Normally clothes only need a few hours on the line because the sun is so strong, but recently it's been taking days, or the clothes haven't been drying at all. There is a constant drizzle, and consistent thunderstorms in the afternoon right as I am getting home. How are we supposed to get our clothes to dry?!

I finally got so desperate for clothes today that I laid out all of my semi-damp clothes on my bed hoping they will dry while I am at work. Damn you rainy season! I need clean underwear!

Who thinks my clothes will dry like this?!


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