Bridge Jumping- AAAHHHH!!

I love throwing myself off the edge of cliffs with a parachute attached to my back, zip lining, para-gliding, white water rafting, bungee jumping, tubing, roller coasters, jet-skiing, and pretty much every adventure sport you can think of.

I had never been bridge jumping until recently though! In the town of Baños, Ecuador, there are two different bridges set up for bridge jumping. One is on the bike ride from Baños to Puyo, and one is right across the street from the bus terminal. I've seen both and can say that the bridge near the bus terminal in Baños is way more intimidating, but ultimately where you want to jump.

If you're gonna throw yourself off a bridge and hurdle straight towards the Earth below in the form of a rocky ravine with a boulder filled river, you gotta go big. And this bridge is HUGE!

We were stunned to find out the bridge is 300 feet high! I have jumped off a 60 foot waterfall in the Grand Canyon, but this was a whole new level of terrifying. Our friend made this video to immortalize our epic leaps into the abyss.

Please note: My friends pointed out after that I didn't quite so much leap as squat and fall forward into the abyss.


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