View From the Streets of Quito

Driving around Quito the other day, I felt compelled to snap some photos of the most typical things in the streets around my neighborhood (or all of Quito for that matter). There are five things that really stood out to me that I wanted to share with you.

1. Traffic- Never ending traffic! And a million taxis, although I'm guessing none of them were available. The city of Quito is built into a thin valley, and with the economy on the rise and more people owning cars, traffic is a huge issue. There isn't really anywhere to expand the roads.

Horrible traffic in Quito

More horrible traffic in Quito

2. Awesome street art- Graffiti here is huge, and the city sets aside certain walls and sides of buildings for the artists to go to town. I think the a lot of the street art I have seen here is better than any museum exhibit.

Cute cartoonish street art

Some grittier graffiti

Graffiti on the side of an office building

3. Goods being sold street side- I probably never have to actually go to a grocery store, because I can pick up most items from the car window.  Mops, sunglasses, oranges, flowers, phone chargers, DVDs, avocados, you name it.

Newspaper cart on the side of the road

Flowers being sold on a main road

Someone selling goods from the median

Fruits being sold in the middle of the road

Pirated DVD stores are everywhere

4. Street performers- Argentinian hippies have been crowding up the intersections with their juggling, hula hoops, fire dancing, and general circus acts. They do a couple tricks and then walk along side the cars asking for money before the light turns green. That's one way to travel Latin America without any job commitments.

Someone juggling in an intersection for money

5. Improvised home security- Each house has some sort of contraption to keep people out. More often than not, it is broken beer bottles sticking straight up from a wall around their house, but it can also be barbed wire and electrical fences. What I want to know is, where do the birds perch?!

Shards of glass to keep intruders out

Circular barbed wire

Some formidable looking home security

Shards of glass to keep intruders out


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