Ecuadorian Indie Cinema

One of my students composed the music for a film her mother directed (and rocked in a little cameo as well!) and was nice enough to provide all her teachers with passes to the premier this week. It's an Ecuadorian film called No Robarás (a menus que sea necesario)- You Will Not Steal (Unless It's Necessary).

It's been really exciting seeing the movie's advertisements plastered all over the city, and now it is actually playing in the local movie theaters. I am so proud of my student!

Advertisements plastered around the city

The movie premier was really cool. The cast and crew rolled up in cars to the red carpet and there was a toast with free wine for the whole audience.

The composer of the movie's soundtrack-
she is only a high school senior! Wow!

The crowd at the movie premier

The movie itself was really wonderful as well. It's the story of an Ecuadorian teenager who has to support her younger siblings after her mother goes to jail (absent, abusive father isn't around much). It shows the youth counterculture, and social problems in the lower classes of Ecuador.

It's playing at Cinemark in Plaza de las Americas, so if you are visiting Quito, want to practice Spanish, or just enjoy a really great authentic, local movie, check it out!

A promotional poster in the movie theater


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