Taxis in Quito

Probably my least favorite thing about living in Quito is the taxi situation, mostly because I am so dependent on them. There are a few trolley lines that run north to south, but unless it's day light and I am with other people and there happens to be trolley stops near my start and end points, I end up needing to rely on taxis. This is an issue for many reasons:

1. It's difficult to get taxis. If you call a taxi company, they will often respond with 'no hay' and hang up on you. If it is between 4 and 7, or it is raining, good luck even finding one cab that is available! Ecuadorians are ruthless about stepping 3 feet in front of you to steal your cab.

I had been waiting in the rain for a cab for 15 minutes when 
these two ladies purposefully walked ten feet ahead of me 
to get a cab before me in the street!

After having two taxis stolen, this couple walked in 
front of me to steal my cab as well!

2. Often times, taxis will decide halfway through the ride that they don't feel like taking you to your destination anymore. I cannot even remember how many times I have been dumped in a strange neighborhood because my taxi driver decided halfway through the ride that they didn't feel like going in that direction anymore.

3. When you arrive at your destination, the taxi meter is mysteriously broke and the ride costs twice as much as normal. Because it is dark out. Because there is traffic. Because gas. Because gringo. Because nonsense.

4. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get a cab during rush hour, you get in, and then they tell you 'no, I don't want to drive there,' and kick you back to the curb. Just when you had your hopes up.

I do have to add that taxis are crazy cheap here. Like, normally I pay between $1.50 and $3. I have fought with a taxi driver over 15 cents before on principle. The meters here start at 35 cents. I can't really complain about that!


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