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It's Time To Go

I have ten days left in Quito. For the first year and a half I lived here, all was well. I experienced little to no culture shock and had a blast exploring the cities and countryside of this beautiful country. 
This spring, however, I've wanted out. I would say I am at a level of cultural exhaustion I never thought I could experience. I'm home sick, which for anyone who knows me, me craving Florida has got to be a desperate situation!
I'm sick of walking around with my coin purse in one bra cup and my phone in the otherI'm sick of being objectified every time I leave the house, even in sweatpantsI'm sick of fighting with taxi drivers every time we arrive at my destination because I refuse to pay the inflated gringo priceI'm sick of stores and restaurants not actually having the services/food they claim to provide (no hay!)I'm sick of being thankful I wasn't robbed every time I walk through the front doorI'm sick of "Ecua-stomach" (diarrhea…

Ecuador is Weird

I could snap photos for days for my 'WTF Wednesdays' series, but instead, I'm gonna write about some of the more bizarre/annoying/typical things I have seen around Ecuador lately.

First of all, produce here is super fresh and not covered in pesticides and chemicals. That means that sometimes you have critters in your food. Like this:

I cut open an eggplant and a worm crawled out!
In Mindo recently, a cute little dog came up to the cabin where I was hanging out. At least, I thought he was cute until I saw what he was chewing.

Yes, that is a skull.
Be careful walking around the streets of Quito, because electrical wires are poking out at you from all angles. How have these not killed anyone yet?

This is exposed to pedestrians on a sidewalk
If you plan on grocery shopping in a big grocery store instead of a smaller tienda or produce stand, expect insane lines. MegaMaxi has like 30 checkout lines, but often, only 4 or 5 are actually open.

7 carts in line in front of me. Boo!

WTF Wednesday

Gas is SO cheap here- that's price per gallon

Ecuador has...

Ecuador has renewed my love of cooking. There aren't pre-processed boxed meals. I learned to cook so many cool new things from scratch here because shortcuts aren't available. I haven't had a frozen dinner in two years!

Ecuador has killed my love of shopping. Local clothes are way too small and poorly made. Imported clothes are obscenely expensive. No more heading to the mall with my debit card for an afternoon of splurging. One splurge here would be half my monthly salary.

Wearing all clothes and accessories I bought in other countries :(
Ecuador has renewed my love of the outdoors. I've realized I don't like mountain climbing, but there is so much more to do outdoors here! Even just chilling in an eco-lodge in the mountains is amazing in Ecuador. The natural beauty of this country is astounding.

With some friends in front of the Cotopaxi volcano
Ecuador has killed my love of hot showers. I haven't encountered too many reliable showers in this country. Widow-makers…