Ecuador has...

Ecuador has renewed my love of cooking. There aren't pre-processed boxed meals. I learned to cook so many cool new things from scratch here because shortcuts aren't available. I haven't had a frozen dinner in two years!

Ecuador has killed my love of shopping. Local clothes are way too small and poorly made. Imported clothes are obscenely expensive. No more heading to the mall with my debit card for an afternoon of splurging. One splurge here would be half my monthly salary.

Wearing all clothes and accessories I bought in other countries :(

Ecuador has renewed my love of the outdoors. I've realized I don't like mountain climbing, but there is so much more to do outdoors here! Even just chilling in an eco-lodge in the mountains is amazing in Ecuador. The natural beauty of this country is astounding.

With some friends in front of the Cotopaxi volcano

Ecuador has killed my love of hot showers. I haven't encountered too many reliable showers in this country. Widow-makers are abundant, and gas often runs out in water heaters. I've gotten used to expecting a shit shower.

Ecuador has renewed my love of history. Before moving here, I was extremely knowledgable when it came to European and American history, but now the scope of my historical knowledge is much broader. The Incans are fascinating, as well as colonization and independence movements, and did you know that 4,000 Jews moved to Ecuador after WWII?

I got to take my 9th graders to a Holocaust 
museum in Quito last week

Ecuador has killed my love of partying. I have been to a couple AWESOME parties in town, but I feel like they are rare. I can't pretend to enjoy dancing to music I don't like anymore. I just don't like LMFAO or Pitbull, and I don't like the sleazy, aggressive men on the dance floors. And, this is painful to admit here, but I just don't like salsa dancing.

One great night out dancing to electro music with friends

Shots at Chupito's Bar- they get the job done

Ecuador has renewed my love of language. Spanish here is slow and pretty sounding. I think that Ecuadorians are very well-spoken and I love learning the intricacies of the Spanish here compared to other countries.

Ecuador has killed my love of safety and security. Public transportation here is a crapshoot, as your bus is likely to fly off a cliff in the Andes Mountains at any moment. Ziplining ropes break and tourists fall into the canopy of the cloud forest. Every bite of street food could be teeming with amoebas. Get over it.

Yes, that's me diving off a bridge over a 300 foot canyon


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