Ecuador is Weird

I could snap photos for days for my 'WTF Wednesdays' series, but instead, I'm gonna write about some of the more bizarre/annoying/typical things I have seen around Ecuador lately.

First of all, produce here is super fresh and not covered in pesticides and chemicals. That means that sometimes you have critters in your food. Like this:

I cut open an eggplant and a worm crawled out!

In Mindo recently, a cute little dog came up to the cabin where I was hanging out. At least, I thought he was cute until I saw what he was chewing.

Yes, that is a skull.

Be careful walking around the streets of Quito, because electrical wires are poking out at you from all angles. How have these not killed anyone yet?

This is exposed to pedestrians on a sidewalk

If you plan on grocery shopping in a big grocery store instead of a smaller tienda or produce stand, expect insane lines. MegaMaxi has like 30 checkout lines, but often, only 4 or 5 are actually open.

7 carts in line in front of me. Boo!


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