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First Day in Hong Kong

This city... wow. If my first day here has been any indication of what the next couple years of my life will be like, I know I made the right decision. I spent my first day in the suburbs (New Territories), going through some orientation activities and running errands.

The mountains initially surprised me the most. Hong Kong seems to grow out of them. Yes, there are skyscrapers and trains, but there are also forest covered mountain peaks and sub-tropical rainforests. This city is so much more green than I expected.

Mountains in Hong Kong
Mountains in Hong Kong
Mountains in Hong Kong
Things here make sense to me. The city just works. It's beautiful, convenient, futuristic, stylish, and clean.

Note how the buildings in Hong Kong seem to grow out of the mountains
In my first 24 hours, I activated my bank account, set up two days worth of apartment tours with various real estate agents, signed a phone contract and got my BlackBerry up and running, purchased my MTR public transportation Oct…

Packing and Moving to a Foreign Country

I had three weeks home between Ecuador and Hong Kong. This has been a time to completely relax and try to let go some of the paranoia and anxiety that was building up living in Ecuador. A time for pedicures and Publix subs. Roller coasters and beach days. I love coming home to Florida!

I spent a day at Universal Studios- Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
I helped my great grandma's sister roll dough for  Lebanese meat pies (sfeeha)- FOR 5 HOURS
I've been spending lots of time with my  grandma and her sister while home
One of the hardest things about living abroad is dealing with your stuff. What to bring? What to toss? What to leave behind in boxes? A lot of the things that were great in Ecuador, I won't really need in Hong Kong (big blankets, wool socks, pepper spray). A lot of stuff that has been in boxes in my dad's garage have to be dug up so I can bring them to Hong Kong (cute dresses, heels, rain boots). That process has probably been the least fun part about being home…

I am a Tech Genius!

Well, not really. But, I AM starting a youtube channel for my students next year. And a classroom website. Check out my first video below.

Creating videos can be time consuming, so I expect this process of publishing all my class content online for students to take more than a school year. And who knows, I may spend a few years in Hong Kong going completely digital, only to transfer to some school in Malawi with no computers.

For anyone who is interested, I made the above video using PowToon for the animation. Then, I recorded my voice over it using Quicktime Player. THEN, because the janitors at school kept coming in and interrupting me mid-recording session, I had to edit together different clips using iMovie. Normally I will skip that last step and save a lot of time. Lesson learned.

I can't wait to sit on my iPad in a coffee shop next year and work on these. Stay tuned for more videos!