First Day in Hong Kong

This city... wow. If my first day here has been any indication of what the next couple years of my life will be like, I know I made the right decision. I spent my first day in the suburbs (New Territories), going through some orientation activities and running errands.

The mountains initially surprised me the most. Hong Kong seems to grow out of them. Yes, there are skyscrapers and trains, but there are also forest covered mountain peaks and sub-tropical rainforests. This city is so much more green than I expected.

Mountains in Hong Kong

Mountains in Hong Kong

Mountains in Hong Kong

Things here make sense to me. The city just works. It's beautiful, convenient, futuristic, stylish, and clean.

Note how the buildings in Hong Kong
seem to grow out of the mountains

In my first 24 hours, I activated my bank account, set up two days worth of apartment tours with various real estate agents, signed a phone contract and got my BlackBerry up and running, purchased my MTR public transportation Octopus Card, and walked into the immigration office with no appointment and completed the entire application process for a local ID card. In just 24 hours! Only in Hong Kong.

Already figured out the subway system-
it's clean, cheap, and air-conditioned!

Super convenient and easy to navigate immigration office

I also ate lunch from a little Japanese food court with stalls carrying rice bowls and noodles ($4 for a huge shrimp rice bowl and soup), and had pork dumplings for dinner. I think every meal here is going to be incredible! Another observation: speaking English hasn't been an issue at all. Great life experiences ahead, in Hong Kong.

My first view of Hong Kong Island-
I will be living here

I'm super happy in my swanky hotel room,
paid for by my employer!


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