I am a Tech Genius!

Well, not really. But, I AM starting a youtube channel for my students next year. And a classroom website. Check out my first video below.

Creating videos can be time consuming, so I expect this process of publishing all my class content online for students to take more than a school year. And who knows, I may spend a few years in Hong Kong going completely digital, only to transfer to some school in Malawi with no computers.

For anyone who is interested, I made the above video using PowToon for the animation. Then, I recorded my voice over it using Quicktime Player. THEN, because the janitors at school kept coming in and interrupting me mid-recording session, I had to edit together different clips using iMovie. Normally I will skip that last step and save a lot of time. Lesson learned.

I can't wait to sit on my iPad in a coffee shop next year and work on these. Stay tuned for more videos!


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