Packing and Moving to a Foreign Country

I had three weeks home between Ecuador and Hong Kong. This has been a time to completely relax and try to let go some of the paranoia and anxiety that was building up living in Ecuador. A time for pedicures and Publix subs. Roller coasters and beach days. I love coming home to Florida!

I spent a day at Universal Studios-
Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

I helped my great grandma's sister roll dough for 
Lebanese meat pies (sfeeha)- FOR 5 HOURS

I've been spending lots of time with my 
grandma and her sister while home

One of the hardest things about living abroad is dealing with your stuff. What to bring? What to toss? What to leave behind in boxes? A lot of the things that were great in Ecuador, I won't really need in Hong Kong (big blankets, wool socks, pepper spray). A lot of stuff that has been in boxes in my dad's garage have to be dug up so I can bring them to Hong Kong (cute dresses, heels, rain boots). That process has probably been the least fun part about being home.

Here is how I got rid of excess stuff when I left Quito-
Leaving it in a pile on the street

Now I am digging through my boxes 
of stuff at my dad's house

Some of the things I absolutely have to bring to Hong Kong include my favorite books, a couple wall decorations, a few old records, new bedding, and lots of Toms shoes. I never really decorated an apartment in Quito or brought a lot of my stuff down to Ecuador because I always knew I wouldn't be there more than two years. Well, I plan on staying in Hong Kong for 3-5 years and I want to nest a little, so I am paying extra for a suitcase of homey stuff. I want my apartment to be filled with my stuff, not just a bunch of tacky cheap trinkets I bought at an artisan market. Hong Kong is going to have to feel more like a home, or I'm going to go crazy.


  1. Paranoia and anxiety...interesting...

    1. Yeah sadly I had one too many friends robbed and one too many scary taxi incidents in my last few months to really feel at ease in Quito towards the end.

    2. That's unfortunate. Hopefully you and your boyfriend will have a safer existence at the next destination.

  2. From Ecuador to Hongkong? Wow, that's quite a long distance move! What brings you there? Although you won't be bringing many, I suggest you pack your frail wall decors and electronic equipment in a crate rather than a carton box for a safer shipment. Have a happy move, and von voyage! =)

    -Renea @

  3. I hope you'll have happy stay in HongKong, Mckenzie! Your decision to bring homey stuff will help you aid the home sickness, if that happens. If I were you, aside from the luggage, I would trust to ship more of those homey stuff after the travel so you won't be carrying a lot while on travel. Have a safe journey! []


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