My Hong Kong Apartment in Sheung Wan

My apartment story in Hong Kong is CRAZY.

I saw one apartment, fell in love, and cancelled all other appointments with real estate agents and signed a lease with the first and only apartment I toured in Hong Kong.

My building in Sheung Wan- it's pink!

This is super rare. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt at home and didn't want to leave. I knew in my gut, 'this is your Hong Kong home.'

Three websites I used to find my apartment:

The apartment was being rented out as a short term rental, but because I was willing to sign a year contract, I got a $220 monthly discount on the rent. Because of its short term rental status, the apartment is already furnished, including pots, pans, linens, etc. AND I don't have to pay the agency fee AND I don't have to set up wifi and electricity and gas and all that. Too good to be true, right?

After I toured the apartment I didn't feel right signing a lease without having at least seen a few other places. So I went to a cafe and sat down and wrote a list of pros and cons. Except, I filled an entire sheet with a list of pros, and the ONLY con I could think of was 'only apartment I have seen in HK.' Looking at that list, I knew what I had to do. I texted the landlord saying, ' I want it!' and emailed all of the agents I had been in touch with canceling my appointments.

My 'pros' list of why I should take this apartment

A few of the features I love about my new home:

  • It is in my price range
  • There is an indoor swimming pool on the first floor
  • Free wifi
  • Everything included, like tv and microwave
  • Pretty wood floors
  • Cute layout, cute furniture
  • Built in shelves and storage (super important for HK)
  • 6 minute walk from the MTR station (I tested that)
  • Full kitchen with oven (rare in Hong Kong)
  • Spacious layout- same size as my Tally apartment, 560 sq. ft.
  • Don't have to buy pots, pans, cutlery, whatnot
  • One year lease instead of two
  • Utilities good to go
  • Exact location/neighborhood I wanted
  • Quiet side street, couple blocks from busier city streets
  • Space for my boyfriend when he comes
  • Natural light and big windows
  • Great vibes from the landlords
  • Deep windowsills with cushions
  • Pretty view of trees and city block
  • No mold! Apartment is in great condition
  • Completely move in ready
  • Cozy, but not cramped at all
  • Feeling in my gut that I am home
The landlord is taking away all of the art and rugs because I told them I would like to decorate the apartment in a more personal style. I am excited to use my bedding, hang all of my art and put my books on display!

View of kitchen when you walk in

Full kitchen, small but has everything I need 
and is open to the house, which is important

Living room- there is space for an air mattress for guests

Cute windowsill areas

I love my little city view- also, apartments 
on lower floors like mine are cheaper

Bedroom- needing some style, but it is spacious

This area of the bedroom is where my 
mat goes for pilates

Really nice shower

Indoor swimming pool on the first floor

I could go on and on and on and rave about this apartment, but I will end there. I will be living downtown, in Sheung Wan, just far south enough to be considered Soho (South of Hollywood). It's a fun neighborhood with lots of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, bars, parks, etc. Here are some links to give you a feel for where I will be living:


  1. Hi there, mind to share which building is that which has a indoor swimming pool?

    I'm a local who has just repatriated from US to Hong Kong after living for there for 10 years.

    Welcome to Hong Kong, cheers!

    1. Hi Eugene, thanks for the interest, I'm really not comfortable posting my address on my blog for the public to see. Sorry :/

  2. Hi, chanced upon this post as I was looking for places to rent in Hong Kong. Would you be comfortable with sharing what the rent is like, or even the agent you used to source for this place? I would love to find a similar apartment if that is even possible! Totally understand if you're not comfortable, I can provide you with my company email address to discuss there if that's better. thanks!

    1. Hey there! I didn't actually use an agent for this apartment. Some great websites for apartment hunting in Hong Kong are squarefoot and zeroagentproperty. I would recommend also walking around the neighborhood you are interested in and looking for those little real estate shops with the photos and papers taped to the front window- those are all apartments that are available immediately in the area. Generally rent is going to be between 14-22,000 HKD a month in that area. You can go cheaper or more expensive depending on what you are looking for. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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