Pollution in HK

One of the reasons I didn't even consider jobs in mainland China is the pollution. I'd heard so many horror stories of people in Beijing who couldn't see the building across the street and seen too many photos of children wearing surgical masks when playing outside.

I couldn't live in pollution this awful (Beijing)

So when I got the offer in Hong Kong, it was something I really had to research and consider. One of my friends who had lived here told me for the most part pollution wasn't a big issue here, that the city was covered in bad smog maybe one week of the year total. I have been here for about a month and we finally had our first horrible pollution day!

Normal view across the harbor on a clear day

View across the harbor as the pollution rolled on

Horrible smog in full force- you can't even see 
the buildings on the other side of the harbor!

AQI is the rating given to cities around the world for their current air quality. Anywhere under 50 is 'good', and for the most part Hong Kong has been under 50 since I moved here. Blue skies, fresh air, lovely views. It has creeped up above 50 into the 'moderate' zone a few times, but what I experienced this week was insane! It creeped above 150 and the lovely views across the harbor were gone. 

This is where we are at today! Back to Normal!

Now the AQI has dropped back down into the 'good' zone and all is well in HK land. My asthma/allergies/general weezy disposition are under control. In Beijing, the AQI regularly sits above 200, I don't know how they do it!


  1. Hong Kong is actually really really healthy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_life_expectancy
    in 2010 they had the third longest life expectancy in the world.


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