Typhoon Utor in Hong Kong

Today was supposed to be my first day of school. Instead it is one in the afternoon, I am hanging out in my apartment, blogging, listening to Jenny Lewis and drinking coffee. Why, you may ask?

Because there's a typhoon 8! I woke up with messages in my phone and email telling me not to go to school. Holy hell, I thought, this must be a really bad storm to cancel the first day of school! Except then I looked out my window and it looked like this:

Um.... that's borderline sunny.

For some reason Hong Kong is on alert for a level 8 typhoon that is 240 km away. It's not even raining at my house.

A level ten typhoon is pretty much as bad as it gets here and is a huge deal. So I looked up the stats to compare it to the deadly Florida hurricanes I grew up with. A level ten typhoon is.... wait for it... a category one. ONE!! 74 mph winds, minor damage. I get that in a big city like Hong Kong 74 mph winds have the potential to cause a lot more damage than an equivalent storm in Florida. This current typhoon nearby isn't even a category one hurricane though, and school was cancelled. Wow.

Here's the bad boy-
his name is Utor!

I'm not complaining. I get an extra day to pore over my lessons for tomorrow and practice outlines of what I need to do in my first class with my new students. And I got to sleep in, a rarity for a teacher.


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