Belly Dance is Good For The Soul

Belly dance is good for the soul, and many other things. It's great for your health, your abs, your strength, your confidence, your self image, your teamwork. It's great for feminine bonding, interconnectedness, and motivation. It's great for your spirits and for a boost of inspiration.

I grew up in a world of competitive ballet and jazz. While I did learn hard work, perseverance, cooperation, and stamina, it was a cold dog-eat-dog world. I loved my dance studio growing up, but I am still so happy I made the switch to belly dance when I turned 18.

I've now started my own belly dance group with some of the high school students at the school where I teach, and I feel like I've got some pretty big shoes to fill. My past dance teachers, choreographers, and troupe leaders have all been inspiring, amazing people. I hope to pass on some of that positivity and love of belly dance to my students here in Hong Kong.

I was looking through belly dance videos on youtube tonight for some inspiration, and I came across this video that seriously almost brought me to tears. It's so freaking beautiful and I couldn't look away.

This is why I belly dance. To connect with the music, my fellow dancers, myself, the ground my feet are planted in. I never feel quite as bonded with the universe I live in as when I am belly dancing. Things just sort of make sense once my hips start dropping, shimmying, and bumping.

Dug up some old videos from my dance troupe in college, and I'm gonna share with you some of my favorite numbers. I stand out as there aren't many belly dancers with short hair. Enjoy (despite the crap video quality)! Shimmies!

I'm aware that as a nomadic, bookworm, belly-dancing history teacher, I am quite the oddball. I'm ok with that!


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