Friends Visiting

As an expat, it is SO nice to have friends from home visit you in a foreign country. One of my good friends was here this last week, and she stayed in my apartment with her boyfriend. It felt so nice to have familiar faces around. We went to the Avenue of Stars, she taught me how to eat chicken's feet at dim sum, we drank beers on the street in Soho. Both of us are pretty bad at taking photos all the time, but we did capture a couple special moments.

At Gao's, indulging in some fabulous foot and shoulder massages

Foot massages aren't just for the ladies!

Some really tasty hotpot at Megan's Kitchen

Hong Kong really does feel more like home now that I have had friends visit and see my life here. I love sharing my experiences and my home with the people I grew up with, because I don't really get to see them that often now. Love 'em all like we were never apart.

Now that my friend is gone, I'm just hanging around the 
house waiting for this bad boy Usagi to hit


  1. So sweet! I can't thank you enough for showing us around! Glad it is more homey now :) So excited to see/hear more HK adventures from you! Love you!



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