Picture Post: Hiking the Dragon's Back

Last weekend, I did a hike over the Dragon's Back to Shek O Beach. I've been a lump of lazy recently so it felt good to be active again. This hike was really easily accessible, I just took the MTR to the end of the line on the island to the Chai Wan stop, and the hike started from there! I broke the Dragon's Back hike up into 5 parts:

Part 1: Collinson Cemetery

The Dragon's Back trail starts by hiking up a cemetery. It's about 30 minutes straight uphill, and as you get further up, the views of Hong Kong are incredible. No one will be around at all in this part.

Look for this cross at the top of the hill and walk up the stairs towards it

The first stretch of stairs

View from halfway up

Sweating kicks in, hair starts expanding

Those are a lot of stairs

Rainforest views as you hike up through the cemetery

Small pagoda in the cemetery

Collinson Cemetery graves

Oh god, more stairs...

More stairs still...

View from the top of the cemetery! Wow!

Part 2: Paved Road

At the top of the cemetery, you reach this sign, head towards Tai Tam Gap

There's about 15 minutes walking along this paved path

And bathrooms along the way!

Once the trail to Tai Tam Gap forks, go towards Dragon's Back

Part 3: Dirt Trail in the Woods

The next part of the trail is about 15 minutes through the woods

You hike over a couple small waterfalls and creeks

Part 4: Amazing Views

All of a sudden, you come out of the woods, and this is the view!

Amazing views from the Dragon's Back Trail

Highest point of the Dragon's Back

That's Big Wave Bay beach down there

Dragon's Back Trail with Shek O Beach in the distance

Part 5: The Hike Down

The trail ends with a 20 minute walk downhill on this shaded path

And there's a bus stop at the bottom of the trail- 
catch bus 9 to Shek O Beach and it's only a 5 minute ride

This is where you end up! Beautiful Shek-O!

Happy girl after a great hike

All in all, it took me about 3.5 hours to get from my apartment to the beach. I went through two big bottles of water that I had brought, so be prepared! I'm a weakling and I was able to do this trail pretty comfortably. I mean, I sweat A LOT and stopped to breath often because of my asthma, but there was never a point where I wanted to stop or turn around. There are one or two exits mid-hike, but it's a hassle. I suggest going early in the morning because Shek O Beach fills up in the afternoon and gets pretty crazy. I can't wait to bring friends and visitors to do this little day trip. I love Hong Kong!


  1. Awesome post! I stumbled upon this while googling dragon's back for beginners and this is my fave post about this. Really eased my worries that I could do this alone and not die or give up in the process as i'm a newbie hiker who gets tired easily :) Thanks for this! So cool to see another one into the two things i love i.e travel and books! : I'm based in manila but my mum is from hong kong and will be visiting there again this coming September. Would love to hangout if you have time and talk about books and easy hikes. :)


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