Super Typhoon Usagi

The super typhoon seems to have left Hong Kong relatively unscathed. It raged on through most of the night, although to be honest it didn't seem worse than my normal windy storm. Sunday morning things seemed to be normal around the city, except for slightly longer lines at the grocery store.

Normal crowd for Sunday brunch at the cafe near my house

The night of the storm was pretty uneventful, except for the sound of shattering glass once. I'm glad school was cancelled today because I would have felt really unsafe walking around with tree branches, trash everywhere, potential live wires, and shattered glass. I'm going to spend my Monday off getting some work done for the upcoming week in the coffee shop below my building.

Police assessing the situation under my building.

It might take a day or two for clean up, but Hong Kong has such strict policies regarding typhoons that the damage is kept to a minimum. Keep it up, Hong Kong!


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