A Week in Thailand

Er, actually… nine days. I spent nine days in Thailand, guys! This time last year I had no idea I would even be living in Asia and now I'm well on my way to exploring the continent. I think because I didn't originally choose Hong Kong (the school sort of found me at a job fair), I didn't really have the motivation to go out and wander. After the instability of Ecuador, I just wanted a home.

Now that I've hit the road, I feel that travel bug deep down in my bones. And I'm excited! I have years ahead of me living here in Hong Kong, the perfect home base to hop around the rest of Asia.

Designated area in the Bangkok airport

So a quick rundown of my trip to Thailand. I had a brief, oddly timed weekend in Bangkok. I got in at 1 AM on Friday night and left at 6 AM on Sunday, so I really only had Saturday to explore. My mom's friend from Florida is living in Bangkok an she graciously took me around the city. We rode on a ferry boat, took tuk tuks, taxi, the underground MRT, and the above ground BTS. 

Awesome little coffee shop in Siam Square

Electric wires look like Ecuador to me...

Chinese vegetarian festival in Bangkok

Saturday night we went to a show that gives a history of Thailand, and it was beautiful! There were elephants and acrobatics and special effects and it was a really fun spectacle.

Boat ride in front of the theater

I then went to Koh Tao for 5 days to do a scuba diving course and get my open water certification. I can now dive independently up to 18 meters! Hopefully in February I will be getting my advanced certification and I will be able to dive up to 30 meters and explore wreck sites. I am really fortunate that I found a great diving school through random google searches- it made my trip, being part of such a family-type community. Thanks, New Way Diving!

View in front of my beach bungalow in Koh Tao

Street pancakes- for $1.50, I got a nutella banana pancake for dinner

With scuba friends on the way back from a dive

Photobomb at the Banyan Bar!

Then for my last night in Thailand I booked one night at a nice hotel on Samui and just hung out by the pool, drank piña coladas on the deck, and got (another) massage.

View from the Best Western, Koh Samui

View from the Best Western, Koh Samui

Koh Samui airport is a tropical country club in disguise

Koh Samui airport- this garden was my gate, seriously!

I'm coming back to Hong Kong feeling really great mentally and physically. Well, other than the tooth I'm gonna have to get pulled if I want to continue scuba diving. More on that later. Depths and pressure and Science, oh my!

Thailand felt to me what Latin America potentially could be if it weren't for two really unfortunate factors- thieves and aggressive men. The longer I have been out of Ecuador the more I realize my sadness there really came from those two triggers. Getting harassed in the street and at coffee shops and at bars and at the grocery store, and the constant paranoia and horror stories about people getting robbed, take away so much from what South America has to offer. In Thailand, you can have the adventure and romance and spontaneity- without the hassle. Being able to travel without constantly looking over your shoulder is such a great feeling.

Story: As I was leaving, I put all my Thai change in a pile on a seat at the Bangkok airport hoping some janitor would find it, and the Chinese family who sat next to me saw the pile of change, and just piled their magazines and iPad on top of it. Magnificent.


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