Hiking Up The Peak

Victoria Peak is the tallest mountain on Hong Kong Island at 552 meters. I climbed it today with a friend, starting pretty much at sea level, and am feeling quite proud of myself at the moment for making it up to the top. I get worried when hiking uphill because of my asthma, but I paced myself, drank lots of water, and had fun conversations with my friend to distract me from the sweating and wheezing.

I highlighted the trail I took today on this map of Hong Kong

Pre-sweatiness McKenzie

The trail is really easy to get to from the city. Once on Caine Road you can either take Old Peak Road up, or Kotewall Road if you are further west. My friend and I walked up Kotewall Road, and then ended the hike going down Old Peak Road. I felt like I was walking up FOREVER, but I think that was only because it was my first time doing the hike. I'm sure it can only get easier (I hope!)

Feeling good on the way up

After much googling, I have determined the animal we 
bumped into on the trail is...
a Masked Palm Civet!

Once you get up to the top, there is a trail that runs in a circle around the Peak. We only walked along the front half instead of circling the entire mountain. It was a nice paved trail, with shade and spectacular views.

We made it to the top!

Crazy awesome views of the city from the top of the Peak

In true Hong Kong fashion, what sits at the top of Victoria Peak? Shopping malls. Not one, but two shopping malls! Most people at the top of the Peak either took the tram or drove up, so there weren't too many sweaty people like us. It would be a great place to come for Sunday brunch, evening cocktails, or afternoon tea, if you take a taxi and don't show up looking like a pile of soggy, panting sadness.

Shopping mall at the top of the Peak

I'm so happy this awesome trail is right above my house. It only took me about 15 minutes to walk to the entrance of the Peak trail. This is going to be a great weekend exercise routine for me. Hong Kong, you never cease to amaze me.


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