Massages in Thailand

In my nine days in Thailand, I had 3 massages. They're so cheap, it's hard not to! And I don't know if I just got lucky, but every massage therapist I had really knew what they were doing. I've read about the healing intent behind Thai massages and I understood it.

Where the magic happened

One spa gave you tea and fruit after every session

Let me try to explain how a Thai massage feels: I felt so positive and I knew great things were happening and my body felt connected to the world and people are generally good. not evil. and puppies. You get it?

Oh so relaxed at the spa after my back massage

The first time around I got a healing package (hot stone massage, Thai massage, facial), the second time I just did shoulders/neck/back, and my last massage was a feet and shoulder combo. Could I do this professionally, review massages around the continent? Hmm...

Majestic Spa in Koh Tao: Go there now!

To be honest, I only got the second massage because the shower in the spa was really nice and I was getting rather filthy because my shower in my bungalow spat out orange rust instead of water. Worth it.


  1. ahh this took me back to my hours spent at Majestic... so so so wonderful.


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