Moody Musing

I've been to 27 countries and found myself in Bangkok yesterday, all too aware of how it was my first time travelling solo. Wandering the streets, I was craving a cafe to read and drink iced coffee and dwelling rather excessively on how I was alone, when BOOM, I stumbled upon a quirky little coffee shop with big pink vintage couches, Regina Spektor playing in the background, and plentifully gracious air conditioning. I'm always surprised when things work out so perfectly even when I know it's not a coincidence. I will be travelling with an open heart this week!

At a cafe in Bangkok

This morning I woke in Bangkok in a bad mood. I had to wake at 430 for a 7 AM flight to Samui so I could wait around for 4 hours and then catch a ferry boat to Koh Tao. I know, what a hard life, right? Everything was bothering me. People on the plane stood up the minute the plane landed, as we will still taxiing across the airport, and the flight attendants got all flustered. Then the Samui airport was a giant tiki hut and none of the employees were very helpful in arranging transportation to the piers. I asked like 5 people about the mysterious free wifi network showing up on my phone but they each kept me going in circles to somewhere else. Then I ended up at a coffee shop with wifi, but they charged you for each individual device you logged on with! I got all huffy and was rude to the barista.

But then I had my first sip of coffee and it dawned on me: this negativity is completely on me. I was in a bad mood this morning and so I am perceiving everything as going wrong! It's actually been a pretty incredible day so far. Everyone I have interacted with has been super friendly and everything has worked out. I've got a vanilla latte and the palm trees are restless in the wind. I'm about to spend a couple hours on a pier where I can get some grading done while I wait, so that I don't have to work tonight while I'm at my beach bungalow. I'm going to wake up tomorrow and start a scuba certification course in paradise. Whoa, reality check. Snap out of it, McK!

I've had extensive conversations about this with my Dad. The mindset you approach each situation with completely determines how things go. I'm just tired and cranky but that is no excuse to not appreciate my surroundings  and greet everyone with a big smile! Just because I'm having an off day does not give me an excuse to be an asshole, ever.

I got to meet up with a friend who showed me around Bangkok!


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