Traveling Isn't All Fun And Games

I don't want to make the impression from this blog that my life is pure bliss and adventure and frolicking around fields of dandelions with wonderful new friends I've met. Travel can be hard work! Last night, for example, I had planned to unpack from my trip to Thailand, do some laundry, grade some assessments. Instead I spent FOUR hours on the phone with Orbitz, resulting in them ultimately canceling my trip entirely because they couldn't sort it out and admitted defeat, and then I had to start from scratch and rebook everything.

For all the time I spent scuba diving in Thailand and eating shrimp on the beach and getting massages, I spent a lot of time waiting. At piers, at airports, on street corners. I also spent a lot of time asking for directions and trying to figure out exactly where the ferry picks up passengers and where I should leave my luggage and convincing myself that my back would not actually break under the weight of my backpack.

Throughout my trip to Thailand, I tried to take one photo for every major transportation route. These don't include taxis and shuttles around some of the cities where I stayed, the tuks tuks and ferry boats, the motorcycles and side carts I rode in. Here we go.

Bus from work back to my apartment to grab my bag

Train from downtown Hong Kong to the airport

Plane from Hong Kong to Bangkok

Plane from Bangkok to Samui

Ferry boat from Samui to Koh Tao
Ferry boat from a scuba site back to Koh Tao

Shuttle from Samui pier to my hotel

Flight from Samui to Bangkok

On the train from the airport into downtown Hong Kong

All of these modes of transportation took planning and proper timing. I had to make sure my ferry left early enough so I had time to get to the airport from the pier. I had to make sure flights didn't overlap and gave me enough time to leave the airport and check back in on another leg, in some cases. If it were a longer backpacking trip I wouldn't plan anything, I would just wing it, but because this trip had a time limit and I knew I had to be in Koh Tao for my scuba diving course, timing was everything.

I just want to show that any vacation has its monotonous, dull bits. It's not all fun and games! But I will be posting about the fun and games in a few days.


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