Escaping The City

Hong Kong can be a bit much sometimes. Every once in awhile it's great to escape for a couple days, and luckily, this is super easy. You can basically hop on any MTR or bus line, ride it to the end, and be in the great outdoors. I started my weekend off with a hike up the Peak.

The trail up the Peak

City views poking out sometimes along the trail

Saturday night I went to Sai Kung and stayed with a friend. A lot of the teachers from my school live there. Sai Kung is a fishing village with a cute little downtown area of pubs, cafes, piers, and seafood restaurants. Little communities are built into the tropical forests and mountains around the area. There are lots of families and dogs, and while it isn't the hippest place in Hong Kong, it is relaxing and beautiful.

Seafood selection along the piers of Sai Kung

Car park for some of the houses in Sai Kung

The view from my friend's patio

I brought middle school students to Trio Beach in Sai Kung


  1. Hong Kong was just listed on the Huffington Post's 25 most overrated destinations. What were your thoughts on that? I had my issues with their list. Great reading up on your recent posts and seeing that you're still being awesome (;

  2. Wow, just found that article, thanks for the heads up!
    That person also listed Athens, London, and the Grand Canyon, all places I love, so I strongly disagree.
    The photo he posted of Hong Kong that says '' is a really inaccurate representation of what the city is like! There are maybe two areas where it is like that, but no one lives there! I live in a hip little artsy area that is actually a lot like Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We have hiking trails and tropical forests and beaches. I hope you can make it out to visit someday Luke! Mi casa es tu casa (obviously, since we've already lived together, ha!).


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