Hong Kong Central Library

I live in a clean, safe, polite, efficient city with a hip arts/music scene, stunning beaches and hiking, fabulous restaurants AND a wide variety of public transport options. Sounds too good to be true! But on top of all that, there's Hong Kong Central Library. I love this place so much I'm considering moving to its neighborhood next year.

Magical Place

I have already checked out dozens of books (and racked up some overdue fines), and the library has the book I'm looking for about 90% of the time. Sometimes the book is in a different, but equally convenient branch. 

Here's the library rising up out of Victoria Park

I go every other week and stock up. It's easy to get to because it's one the same bus route as some lines near both my job and my apartment, and it's one block from the Tin Hau MTR station. The Central Library has ten floors of books, loads of couches and places to lounge and read, strong air conditioning, a French cafe and garden downstairs, and did I mention BOOKS?!

The lobby of Hong Kong Central Library


  1. I too have traveled to some interesting libraries namely Winnipeg, and Seattle, and lots little others. Sometimes I got asked when trying to use a printer or something, where do you live.... ummm ummm parents address ... ok... that's too far away... let's try this... ok your in :)


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