Jewish Community of Hong Kong

The Jewish Film Festival took place in Hong Kong last week and I luckily got tickets to a Sunday afternoon screening of two films- a short called Shoes and a documentary that I've been itching to see called No Place on Earth.

No Place on Earth focuses on a really incredible story of Ukrainian Jews who hid in a cave during World War 2. In the 1990s, an American who was exploring the caves discovered remnants of a population living down there, and traced the story back to the survivors. The film not only tells the tale of life down in the caves, but gives the remaining few survivors the chance to return to their former dwelling place.

Paul Laikin, the writer and producer of the film, 
answered audience questions after the screening

There is a visible Jewish presence in Hong Kong, from the various synagogues and Jewish centres around town, to the recent exhibit in Central by the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre.
There is also Chabad Hong Kong, and the Jewish Community Centre, where you can find the largest Jewish library in Asia and a kosher grocery store.

I passed by this exhibit in the Central 
Market every day for a month

While Hong Kong is 93% Chinese, 2% Filipino, and 2% Indonesian, that other 3% is extremely diverse. I'm glad to live in such a tolerant, open-minded community, where I have access to my own culture and heritage. It's comforting to be across the planet but still feel so right at home.


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