Picture Post: Holiday Shopping on Gough Street

I left my house today with an eager wallet and an open heart, ready to buy gifts for my very large family, and ended up on Gough Street near my house. I think I knew intuitively that Gough Street wouldn't let me down. It's only a block long but has quite the reputation for being a treasure trove of random shops and cafes. Some guides online are outdated because shops come and go so often in Hong Kong, but this one seems to be on par:

It was a very fruitful day, and I am very excited to see my family's faces as they open up some really unique, personal gifts. Here is a picture tour of walk down Gough Street today:

JB House- formerly called Toot Toot, 
this place had loads of cute, affordable footwear

Bohemian- Ethnic/tribal accessories and boho clothes

Ms. B's Cakery- decadent looking cupcakes

Homeless- They have 3 branches on this street, it's a 
unique home/lifestyle store, lots of cool gadgets and decor

The line for beef brisket at Kau Kee

Visionaire- Home decor store- lots of textiles, jewelry, etc.

Timothy Oulton- high end classic bags

Tikka- Edgy clothing store

Agnes B Bakery, and Cheap Monday-
funky, punky Swedish clothing store

petit bazaar- super cute children's clothing store

woaw- trendy boutique for men

I live a couple blocks away from Gough Street, so you can imagine the temptation that is just around the corner for me. If you have an afternoon to kill in Hong Kong, you could grab some lunch with friends, do some shopping, soak it all in over a cappuccino, and then pop over to the escalator nearby for some happy hour drinks. Gough Street is in the heart of the city and has so much character, I don't think you should miss out!


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