Rock Climbing on Tung Lung Island

I didn't realize part of my job description was 'camping chaperone' when I signed up to teach in Hong Kong. Oh, how clueless I was. Most of the teachers at my school are expected to do a multi-day travel or camping experience with the kids at some point, and all the students have options of different trips they can go on. For our little city folk, a week outdoors is eye-opening and grounding. This was like a digital detox for our little tech addicts. The withdrawal symptoms from their lack of iPhones started wearing off around day two.

Our campsite on Tung Lung Island

View from the Tung Lung Island campsite

I escorted forty 8th graders on an Asia Pacific Adventures trip to Tung Lung Island, the rock climbing capital of Hong Kong. I really didn't have to do much, because the trip facilitators really built up trust with the kids and took care of everything. These guys were professionals.

Our trip facilitators were amazing!

Tung Lung Island is a twenty minute ferry ride from Sai Wan Ho or Chai Wan, both MTR stops on the Island Line, so it's super accessible. The campsite is a short walk from the pier, and is a great base for anyone interested in taking advantage of the waterfront cliffs for rock climbing or rappelling. I really recommend waiting until November or December to take advantage of this, I can imagine it would be way too hot if you go any earlier in the year.

Hiking trails on Tung Lung Island

Rocky Tung Lung Island beach

Our students has a blast ziplining, hiking, building bonfires, and learning survival skills. I really didn't mind the camping so much, except for not having a proper mat to sleep on and having my hips dig into the ground. The weather was perfect and I got to see a new side of Hong Kong. Outdoorsy types will fall in love with Tung Lung Island!

I got to go rappelling down this 20 meter cliff!


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