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Hong Kong Goals

I had a list of goals going for my time in Ecuador that really helped me focus while I was there. I learned to cook a bunch of cool new food, watches some classic movies, pushed myself to attend some cultural events, and just all around took advantage of what the city had to offer while trying to better myself in the meantime.

After some reflection here, I decided to come out with a new list of goals, which you will find a link to in the bar up top on my blog! Or here.

Cheers to life!
Some of the goals I am most excited about:
Visit 3 other countries in Asia
Find a comic book shop
Give someone flowers
Participate in an adventure sport
Try out 5 hiking trails in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has way too much to offer to try to tackle it all at once. By picking out a list of things to do that I know will make me happy, I'm giving myself a lot to look forward to.

So, out with the grumpy, hermit McKenzie.

(well ok, you can resurface every once in  a while for a House of Cards marathon)
And in with…

Day Trip to Lamma Island

What else is new, I had a week off work for a national holiday (I know, I know, I love my job, I'm so lucky, blah blah blah...). Seeing as I had not visited Lamma Island off the south coast of Hong Kong Island yet, I figured it was about time. It's a simple 30 minute ferry ride from the piers in Central.

Lamma is known for being a hippie haven. It's a super chill, fishing oriented island, with a couple small neighborhoods, and NO cars allowed! There is one nice paved trail that connects all the villages on the island and provides some stunning views and paths to hidden beaches.

Cool art on Lamma Island
We started off in Yung Shue Wan, the largest town on the island. There is a vegan restaurant there called Bookworm Cafe, so we popped in for some vegan cake before hitting the trail.

Vegan chocolate cake- so fudge-alicious and awesome!

Views from the hike on Lamma Island (photo credit here)
The trail takes about an hour, but can easily take a full day if you stop at the various …

Feasting in Hong Kong

Sorry I've been away for a month. Been busy eating my way through Hong Kong and Macau! Food calls...

Remains of veggie lasagna at Bookworm Cafe
Meat sleeps in Macau after some Portuguese oxtail and African chicken
Seafood on Lamma Island
Insane breakfast at Flying Pan
Tasty ass ribeye at Blue Butcher