Day Trip to Lamma Island

What else is new, I had a week off work for a national holiday (I know, I know, I love my job, I'm so lucky, blah blah blah...). Seeing as I had not visited Lamma Island off the south coast of Hong Kong Island yet, I figured it was about time. It's a simple 30 minute ferry ride from the piers in Central.

Lamma is known for being a hippie haven. It's a super chill, fishing oriented island, with a couple small neighborhoods, and NO cars allowed! There is one nice paved trail that connects all the villages on the island and provides some stunning views and paths to hidden beaches.

Cool art on Lamma Island

We started off in Yung Shue Wan, the largest town on the island. There is a vegan restaurant there called Bookworm Cafe, so we popped in for some vegan cake before hitting the trail.

Vegan chocolate cake- so fudge-alicious and awesome!

Views from the hike on Lamma Island

The trail takes about an hour, but can easily take a full day if you stop at the various beaches and sights along the way. There is a massive power station contrasting the peaceful natural scenes that just seemed comical to me. The most popular beach on the island was a little too close to the power station for my taste, so we continued on.

Oh hey nature

We hiked past the main beach, Hung Shing Yeh, and kept walking until we saw the path veer off to Lo So Shing, a hidden oasis of a beach that is almost completely empty even during peak season. This led to me passing out in the sand for a good two hours in what will go down in history as 'Best Beach Nap Ever, Dude.'

Lo So Shing beach- a secret oasis

Rise and shine, beach bum

We then continued along the trail to another well known fishing village on Lamma, Sok Kwu Wan. This town has a pretty temple, but is mostly known for it's boardwalk seafood selection. After chowing down on some fresh shrimp, crabs, and fish at a waterfront table, we caught a ferry back to Hong Kong just in time to see the fireworks for Chinese New Year over Victoria Harbour. What a splendid day!

Chinese Temple at the end of the trail

Sok Kwu Wan Fishing Village

Pick your seafood, as fresh as it gets

Chinese New Year fireworks over Victoria Harbour


  1. That island is looking pretty legit... I was thinking of passing Hong Kong during this fall's Asian adventure... but let's see you are there... that island is there... it's scoring some mad points.

    1. um Hong Kong is the shit. and you have a free place to stay. and it's been like two and a half years since we've seen each other! sounds like a no-brainer.


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