Keeping Healthy in Hong Kong

This is a city that works hard and plays harder, and as a result, has a noticeably beautiful population. How do they do it when it can be so easy to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle? In my area at least, there are healthy meal opportunities, gyms, and yoga studios everywhere!

There's Mana!, my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the city. It goes beyond being cruelty free, as they have waste sorting facilities in the restaurant and biodegradable plates and cutlery. Near the escalator in Soho, we also have Just GreenLife, eat Right, and Herbivores. All healthy, delicious, and relatively affordable.

Just Green- organic grocery store with vegan ice cream!

Mana! Fast Slow Food, delicious wraps and salads

eatRight has great lunch specials

Life does great lunch specials as well 

Herbivores is a cozy vegetarian restaurant

I have a lot of friends that have gym memberships at Pure Fitness, but there are other options in the area as well. Seems like everyone in this city is always carrying their gym bag.

And for the cheap asses like me, a yoga mat on my living room floor will do just fine. For some more upbeat HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training), Blogilates is the bomb. Each video targets a different body part, so you just mix and match abs, obliques, thighs, arms, butt, etc. For a more even-paced, gentle body workout, Yoga with Adriene is yummy, soothing, and quirky.


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