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Strong Female Role Models

Alright blog audience, I'm about to nerd out on you real hard. You ready?
I’ve always loved intelligent, ambitious, and strong female role models, like Matilda, Hermione, or Liz Lemon. There are two chicks, however, that really stand out to me, and I’ve recently realized how similar these two characters are. I’m talking about Buffy Summers and Veronica Mars, of course.
What do these girls have in common? SO much it’s really uncanny.

Spunky blonde teens fighting evil (supernatural evil/criminal evil)Superpower or special skills set (slayer strength/private investigator training)High school to college transitionWatcher/Father relationship

Buffy and Giles
Veronica and Keith
Super witty dialogueDeath as a central themeThe ability to jump from comedic, to thrilling, to melodramatic, to action-packedBad boys: they both start off with someone tall, dark and boring (Angel/Duncan), and end up with a wild card (Spike/Logan)
Buffy and Spike
Veronica and Logan One estranged parentUse of indie m…

Couchsurfers, Ahoy!

Most travelers, backpackers, nomads, and vagabonds have had some interaction with Couchsurfing, and it's about time I write about mine. I have been involved with the couchsurfing community since 2009, and have never had a bad experience. It started when I bummed a cigarette off a random girl on the FSU campus, and we started talking about backpacking. She told me all about couchsurfing, and had used the website to travel Southeast Asia super cheap one year, so I thought I would give it a go.

Eating pizza on a street corner of Hong Kong  with a friend I made through couchsurfing!
 I took this photo of one of my first couchsurfers in Tally with my friends  after an awesome day tubing down rivers in North Florida
So, what IS couchsurfing? Besides being a website, it's a network of people around the world who fit into one of two categories:

Hosts- These are people who have some extra space in their apartment (a couch, futon, bed, air mattress, etc.) who are willing to let a stranger cr…