Strong Female Role Models

Alright blog audience, I'm about to nerd out on you real hard. You ready?

I’ve always loved intelligent, ambitious, and strong female role models, like Matilda, Hermione, or Liz Lemon. There are two chicks, however, that really stand out to me, and I’ve recently realized how similar these two characters are. I’m talking about Buffy Summers and Veronica Mars, of course.

What do these girls have in common? SO much it’s really uncanny.

  • Spunky blonde teens fighting evil (supernatural evil/criminal evil)
  • Superpower or special skills set (slayer strength/private investigator training)
  • High school to college transition
  • Watcher/Father relationship

Buffy and Giles

Veronica and Keith

  • Super witty dialogue
  • Death as a central theme
  • The ability to jump from comedic, to thrilling, to melodramatic, to action-packed
  • Bad boys: they both start off with someone tall, dark and boring (Angel/Duncan), and end up with a wild card (Spike/Logan)

Buffy and Spike

Veronica and Logan
  • One estranged parent
  • Use of indie music
  • Flashbacks as a motif (vampires' former lives/memories of Lily)
  • Best friend trio

Buffy, Xander, Willow

Veronica, Wallace, Mac

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars both deal with real world situations like losing your virginity, coming out, first love, addiction, binge drinking, and date rape sensitively and realistically, thanks to some incredible writing and acting. While there are inevitable differences (fantasy vs. reality, Buffy hated school and Veronica is a genius, etc.), both shows were extremely empowering and exciting to me as a young woman. I could fight injustice in the world, be the superhero of my own storyline, and look cute while doing it!

Some of my favorite shows featuring strong women this season include Orphan Black, The Americans, The Mindy Project, Broad City, and Parks and Recreation, so check any of those out for some ladylicious inspiration. Yeah, I watch a lot of television, what’s it to ya?!


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